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Standarder. Nominellt värde. Tolerans vid 0°C. Ni1000. DIN 43760. 1000 Ω at 0 °​C. ±0.4 K. Pt100. DIN EN 60751. 100 Ω at 0 °C. ±0.3 K. Pt1000. DIN EN 60751.

Super DIN. -Meets DIN 43760, I.E.C. 751 .00385 ohms/ohms/°C, to. 1/10 design tolerance at initial bulb calibration. Not available in dual element swaged. [1] DIN EN 60751:2008 Industrial platinum re- sistance thermometers and platinum temperature sensors, International Electrotechnical Comis- sion, 2008. IEC 60751:2008 is considered the international standard and specifies the be between -0.3°C to +0.3°C. A 1/10 DIN probe should represent a temperature of  DIN EN 60751 (according to IEC 751).

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Thermocouples: sensor accuracy acc. to DIN EN 60584-2. DIN Kl. B: (area of validity: -50 +500 °C). Linjär temperatur/ resistans-karakteristik (Värden enligt DIN. 60751. Se tabell i tekniska data.) • Liten dimension och låg vikt. • Kort responstid.

Sensor: Pt100 acc. to DIN EN 60751 class A, 4-wire connection Nominal length (NL): 250 mm Shaft: glass, diameter 6 mm, recessed Connection cable: 4 x 0.22 mm² (Teflon), silicone insulation Cable length: 2.000 mm Connection: PHYSICS 1000 plug Resolution:: 0.001 °C Temperature range: -50 °C up to +310 °C Response time (t 90): 2.5 sec Ref.-

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Din en 60751

Pt100, tolerance class A according to DIN EN 60751. B2. Pt100, tolerance class AA according to DIN EN 60751. B3. Pt1000, tolerance class B according to DIN 

Din en 60751

Class B. EN 60751 2008. Class A. EN 60751 2008. Class AA. -196. Basic values for standardised resistances according to DIN EN 60751. For this standard the following connection between temperature and electrical resistance   as per DIN EN 50446 and customer-specific immersion lengths temperature characteristic from the standard characteristic of IEC 60751 can frequently be  Nominal Resistance R0, Tolerance DIN EN 60751 1996-07, Tolerance DIN EN 60751 20 09-05, Order Number Plastic Bag. 100 Ohm at 0°C, Class 1/3 B Measuring resistor with the Pt100-sensor referring to DIN EN 60751.

Din en 60751

Industrial platinum resistance thermometers and platinum temperature sensors (IEC 60751:2008); German version EN  Dependence of Resistivity: DIN 60751 (Platinum) ; former DIN 43760 (Nickel 6180ppm/K) other resistivities on request. Classes: Pt: DIN class A ; DIN class B ; 2x  pt1000 class A, DIN EN 60751 datasheet, cross reference, circuit and application notes in pdf format. Technical information. Operating limits and tolerances of platinum resistance thermometers per DIN EN IEC 60751. WIKA data sheet IN 00.17. Page 1 of 8. Platinum-Chip Temperature Sensors with Connection Wires According to DIN EN 60751, PCA Design Type (906121).
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Din en 60751

Selon DIN EN 60751 1xPt 100 cl. och toleranser enligt DIN EN 60751; Snabbt reaktionstid; För allmänna temperaturmätningsuppgifter inom följande sektorer: värme-, klimatisering-, ventilation-  Applikation. Mätelement. 1 x Pt 100; (enligt DIN EN 60751, Klass A). Media flytande och gasformiga medier. Tryckhållfasthet.

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DIN EN 60751, the standard for industrial platinum resistance thermometers, was recently re-issued after more than a decade (2009 Edition). The primary reason for this update was that several aspects that had already been successfully established in practice were not yet mentioned in the 1996 standard.

L=9.5. H=1.0. W=1.9. Lø=0.25. Nominal  Apr 16, 2017 Precision PT1000 Class A sensing element; Compliant with IEC 60751, DIN EN 60751 (according to IEC 751); Various cable lengths available  This calculator calculates the RTD temperature tolerance permitted by DIN EN 60751:2009.