Savings Interest rates - other accounts; Account type. Rates effective from 15 May 2020 (AER variable %) Junior ISA. 1.70. 30 Day Notice. 0.35. Regular Saver. 1.35. Junior Saver After 2 years After 5 years. 1.35 1.60. Junior Regular Saver. 1.70


Our fixed rate ISA accounts give you a tax-free fixed rate of interest over a set period of time, so you will know exactly how much interest you will earn while saving with Saffron. These accounts are perfect for those looking to store away their cash for the longer term without immediate access to their savings.

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A Cash ISA (Individual Savings Account) is an investment which enables annual sums to be saved and on which interest is paid free of tax. However, it is not possible to state that favourable tax treatment will be maintained indefinitely as it is the government and not the Society who is responsible for the tax treatment. Fixed Rate ISA to 30.06.23 (App) £1,000 plus - 0.60% tax-free / AER With the exception of Fixed Rate Savings accounts, the interest rates listed above are variable and can change at any time. The third-best easy access ISA rate of 0.40% gross was offered by 11 providers this week, which were Paragon Bank, Charter Savings Bank, Leeds Building Society, Marsden Building Society, Progressive Building Society (which is only available to those in Northern Ireland), Shawbrook Bank, Stafford Railway Building Society, Teachers Building Society, Tipton & Coseley Building Society (which is Punjab National Bank – Variable Rate Cash ISA. Cash ISA Instant access £1 0.5% AER Stafford Railway BS – Pullman Affinity - Black & White.

Stafford railway isa rates

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Stafford railway isa rates

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Stafford railway isa rates

Award winning customer service delivering 1st class service. Stafford Railway Building Society Cash ISA. rate Savings Accounts Regular Savings Accounts Help To Buy Isas Regular Saver ISAs Fixed-rate ISAs Notice ISAs Compare Stafford Railway Building Society Savings Accounts - Current Accounts, Instant Access, Cash ISAs, Fixed Rate Bonds & More. This website uses cookies to improve user experience. By using our website you consent to all cookies in accordance with our Cookie Policy.
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Stafford railway isa rates

They are a tax-efficient way to save money as you pay no tax on the interest you earn. A Cash ISA (Individual Savings Account) is an investment which enables annual sums to be saved and on which interest is paid free of tax. A fixed-rate cash ISA pays a set amount of interest for a certain period. If you put your money into Fixed rate cash ISA, you should expect to pay a penalty for making withdrawals.

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