CECO; Creative solutions for circular, resource efficient and bio-based economy. Datum: 1 jun 2018 - 31 mar 2020. Program: Baltic Sea region seed funding.


TKI Biobased Economy focusses on the development of biobased innovation throughout the biomass value chain. TKI Biobased consists of 4 program lines: 

The biobased economy is poised for accelerated growth, with an abundance of cost-competitive feedstocks, commercial success of pioneer products, and ongoing investment in innovative research. The United States could capture a fair share of projected worldwide growth of the biobased economy with effective state and federal policy support. Strategy for a Bio-based Economy We have defined a bio-based economy (bioeconomy) as an economy based on: • A sustainable production of biomass to enable increased use within a number of different sectors of society. The objective is to reduce climate effects and the use of fossil-based raw materials. Se hela listan på biobasedeconomy.nl Economic growth and an ever rising world population put pressure on food demands and agricultural products. To feed nearly 9 billion people by 2050, a new vision is needed to ensure food supply, environmental sustainability and economic opportunity through agriculture.

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22 nov. As part of the Swedish Prime Minister`s Circular and biobased economy, we would like to invite you to the conference. Talrika exempel på översättningar klassificerade efter aktivitetsfältet av “bio-based economy” – Engelska-Svenska ordbok och den intelligenta  The EIP-AGRI network organized a Workshop 'Opportunities for farm diversification in the circular bioeconomy' in […]. in scientific research at Wageningen University, focussing primarily on multifunctional land use, restoration of species rich grasslands and biobased economy.

As alternative development models for the biobased economy emerge, we need to determine potential applications, their perspectives and possible impacts as 

The 18 months project started in  The methods are also applied to biobased production of chemicals, program in Bioengineering (TKBIO), with responsibility for economy,  Nordic workshop: "The forest sector in the biobased economy - perspectives from policy and economic sciences" : August 28-29, 2013, Uppsala/Sweden :  BTG Biomass Technology Group BV - ‪‪Citerat av 134‬‬ - ‪biobased economy‬ - ‪bioenergy‬ - ‪Life Cycle Assessment‬ Index of /. Name · Last modified · Size · Description · cgi-bin/, 2019-12-26 11:23, - Plant biotechnology for a bio-based economy is a national strategic research agenda directed towards breeding of crops and trees for Swedish agriculture and  Focus on circular economy is a potential way to reduce the demands on finite on sustainable project cooperation in fields of recycling and biobased materials. Knowing the ins and outs of the bio-based economy, though, can be tricky. That's where AllThings.Bio can come to your aid!

Biobased economy

21 Jan 2021 “The biobased economy for a better future: Presentation of the Italian bioeconomy What is the biobased economy? Why could it be the route to 

Biobased economy

Langeveld and others published The Biobased Economy: Biofuels, Materials, and Chemicals in the Post Oil Era | Find, read and cite all the research you need on ResearchGate Collaborations with Brazil in the field of biobased economy go back to the late ’90s, starting with scattered activities between individual professors and student exchanges between the Universities of Campinas (UNICAMP) and São Paulo (USP) and individual mutual contributions to courses.

Biobased economy

Participants involved in pioneering the biobased economy share their experience, optimism and passion for biobased industrial development. Their stories demo biobased economy should be circular at the end . by paying attention to the ‘end-of-life’: also materials from renewable resources are kept in the cycle by resuse, recycling, etc. 28/02/2019 Biobased economy - T. Kuppens 21.
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Biobased economy

Groene grondstoffen bieden hier uitkomst, maar om dat goed vorm te geven moet er nog wel wat gebeuren. 15 Feb 2012 economy based on renewable resources. Wageningen UR works on the green raw materials, productions processes, and biobased products  All this with a focus on the biobased economy in the Netherlands and in Brazil. Em 2014, os parceiros holandeses e brasileiros se uniram num programa  As alternative development models for the biobased economy emerge, we need to determine potential applications, their perspectives and possible impacts as  Shaping the Transition to a Sustainable, Biobased Economy.

The biobased economy and industrial biotechnology are poised for accelerated growth in the 21st century; federal and state policies can unleash this growth by identifying and supporting The biobased economy is playing an increasingly important role in the American economy. Through innovations in renewable energies and the emergence of a new generation of biobased products, the sectors that drive the biobased economy are providing job creation and economic growth. The bio-aromatics of Relement are a qualitatively better and more sustainable alternative for fossil aromatics in existing products. In this way Relement contributes to a green chemical industry and better products.
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Een ‘biobased economy’ vervangt fossiele grondstoffen door biomassa. Zuid-Holland heeft met zijn tuinbouw, logistiek en (bio)chemische industrie een uitstekende uitgangspositie om aan kop te gaan bij de transitie naar een biobased economy.

In their Research and Innovation Strategy for a Biobased Economy, Formas, the Swedish Research Council for Sustainable Development defined a biobased economy as based on: A sustainable production of biomass to enable increased use within a number of different sectors of society. A biobased economy is an economy which for a large proportion draws its resources from living nature (biomass, ‘green resources’), as an integral part of a green or sustainable economy. A highly developed biobased economy uses biobased resources primarily for the production of chemicals and materials, and for energy as a side product, in such a way that competition with food supply will be A biobased economy aims to recreate many of the products we use today only using renewable organic matter (biomass). Biochemical research has shown that it is possible to create fuels, chemicals, plastics and more using biomass rather than fossil fuels.